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Máy in miếng lót ủng Wellington nhiều màu tiện lợi

Wellington Boots Double Colors Pad Printer Printing Machine with Pad Shuttle With Safety Door
Tình trạng sẵn có:
  • OP-162SE

  • OLAT

  • 8443140000

Pad printing machine is a printing equipment,suitable for plastic, toys, glass, metal, ceramics, electronics, IC etc. Pad printing is an indirect concave adhesive pad printing technology, which has become a major method of surface printing and decoration of various objects.
The printing process is simple: first etch the design pattern on the printed plate, apply the etching plate with ink, and then transfer the ink onto the printed object through the rubber head.
Printing steel plate is a consumable material used on the printing machine. In addition, if it needs to be used during the printing transfer, it will also need to be processed once again. The content of the printing that needs to be printed is etched into the steel plate by the photosensitive pulp, exposure, development, corrosion and other procedures to etch the content to the steel plate.
The pad printing process has a strong adaptability to the irregular bearing surface.
The printing rubber head will undergo deformation and apply the bearing surface under the pressure. The rubber head with higher hardness is less deformation, suitable for printing plane bearing materials and fine lines. The rubber head with lower hardness is more deformed. Suitable for large-area printing and color block printing. The printing rubber head should be designed as a cone, and its central part should first contact the printing plate and the bearing material, with the increase of pressure, the edge and then contact the product step by step, to achieve printing.

Wellington Boots Pad Printer Printing Machine with Pad Shuttle
Best selling in Germany
OP-162SE double color pad shuttle pad printer with guardian -----It is suitable for products with large size, small printing design and products that are not suitable for moving.

Main performance of the padprinter :
1.The machine is controlled by PCB,it is flexible and reliable.
2.Using the German original (FESTO) / Japanese SMC precision pneumatic element.Equipment parts are processed by CNC.The equipment performance is stable.
3.Original German FESTO / Japanese SMC filter regulator is used.
4.The attachment of rubber head XY is adjustable to ensure that the printing is not deformed.
5.The machine body uses aluminum alloy die-cast, both lightweight and solid.
6.Choose famous factory hardened shaft and bearing, not easy to wear, reduce maintenance, greatly extend the life of the parts.
7.Automatic scraper system can use nylon plate or steel plate, set color accuracy, improve production efficiency.
8.Printing working table with vertical, horizontal adjustment and self-locking devices to ensure accurate printing.

Applicable products:

Wellies,Plastic shell,car accessories,ball pen,mobile phone lens,camera shell

Product Parameters
Model OP-162SE
The Stander Diameter of the Ink-cup (mm ): Φ90
The Ink cup Plate Size (mm ): 200*100
Maximum Pad Pressure (kg): 120
Maximum Printing Speed (Cycles/hour ): 1500
Maximum Height of Work Pieces (mm): 220
Power Requirement : 220V/50HZ/50W
Pressure Requirement(bar) : 4-6
Machine Weight(kg) : 125
Machine size (mm): 750*580*1360
Detailed Photos

Wellington Boots Pad Printer Printing Machine with Pad Shuttle

Wellington Boots Pad Printer Printing Machine with Pad ShuttleWellington Boots Pad Printer Printing Machine with Pad Shuttle

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