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Sản phẩm quang điện mặt trời, pin nhiên liệu năng lượng mới, silicon nhiệt (IGBT), than chì mỏng mỏng, keo bạc dẫn điện nano;Dây chuyền sản xuất thiết bị in servo định vị tự động hình ảnh CCD manu

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With the rapid development of the electronics industry in the past ten years, the integration degree of new energy equipment is getting higher and higher, which brings greater thermal effect. If the equipment does not have good heat dissipation, it will seriously affect the service life of the equipment, bring unstable equipment operation, some functional failure and other hidden dangers. What role does screen printing play in the new energy industry?

In production, high speed, accurate, repetitive, cost-effective automation equipment and process are needed to support the high yield production process, so as to quickly produce low unit cost and qualified products.

Advantages of screen printing in the production of new energy products.

Screen printing: screen printing is a very mature process, but also very suitable for the application of thermal silicone grease, screen printing process can ensure accurate thickness, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production and use. Screen printing is to make a mesh area matching the module floor on a screen. The mesh is a series of rectangular through holes. Silicon silicone can be applied to the module floor or radiator through the mesh under the pressure of the scraper, as shown in Figure 4. The scraper generally uses aluminum as the handle, and the rubber scraper with a hardness of 60A to 80A is installed in the handle, and the silica gel is scraped with a set Angle and pressure. The printing process generally uses automatic equipment.

Thick film screen printing can apply polymer materials with a thickness of 50 microns or less and whose total thickness changes within ± 2 microns. This is suitable for the production of ionomer films for PEM fuel cells with a thickness of 50 and 175 microns, 5-50 microns thick platinum / carbon / ion catalytic layers, and solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte films, electrode films and barrier layers with a thickness of 5-30 microns to achieve high speed and fine production. The application of bipolar plate sealant greatly improves the sealing ability.

Accuracy, fast speed, higher degree of automation, higher efficiency and production capacity, reduce labor, reduce fault tolerance rate. It provides an efficient solution for the production of new energy accessories, and also has a variety of economic advantages. The equipment is easy to refit, can produce a variety of parts, can be modified to complete the automatic printing production line. Just replace the printing material, replace the suitable screen, with the loading and unloading system, after the new program setting, the modification of the whole automatic production line can be quickly realized in a short period of time.

Kunshan Olat Printing Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development of automatic printing machine; is an intelligent printing machine, intelligent printing machine, automatic printing equipment set of professional manufacturers; the main products are CCD image four station double color watch printing machine and various non-standard customized semi-automatic automatic printing machine screen printing machine, cam segmentation positioning screen printing machine, six-axis manipulator automatic servo printing machine;

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